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Everything to know about Cheque-based loans from Sunrays Finance

Any great business idea or development requires access to finance. Sunrays Finance provides a simple and secure way to procure the finances essential for your business. Sunrays Finance is the most trusted and steadfast private finance company in Chennai, catering to clients from all over Tamil Nadu. Sunrays Finance provides smart financial solutions for your unique business needs.

Cheque Based Finance

Sunrays Finance offers Cheque based loans, one of the most popular and quick ways to raise funds to spur your business growth. Sunrays Finance provides fast unsecured business loans of up to 10 crores on a cheque basis. The timeframe for the disbursal of the loan amount is one of the fastest in the industry, with the amount reaching the clients’ hands within just 48 hrs of loan approval.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligible turnover of 20L/Month is required to avail of the Cheque based loans.
Immaculate repayment history of EMIs and loans are essential.
Business with over 2 years of operational stability is mandatory.
Businesses must provide GST returns for 6 months and IT Returns for the last 2 years.

Documents Required

  1. Business Card
  2. 12 months Bank statement
  3. 6 Months GSTR3B

Sample Schemes

5L loan scheme

Finance amount: 5L
Amount in hand: 4L to 4.5L
5 months duration for repayment

1L x 5 months
50k x 10 dues (once in 15 days)
25k x 20 dues

10L loan scheme

Finance amount: 10L
Amount in hand: 8L to 9L
5 months duration for repayment

200000 x 5 months (up to 10 months)
1L x 10 dues (once in 15 days)
50k x 20 weeks

The mentioned schemes are just examples. Our Cheque based business loan schemes are tailored to unique business needs based on other critical factors. The loan amount disbursed is primarily based on the monthly turnover of the enterprise.

Benefits of choosing Cheque Based Business Loans

  1. The Cheque based finance is collateral-free.
  2. Sunrays Finance ensures that there are no hidden charges.
  3. Entrepreneurs with low CIBIL scores can also avail of the Cheque-Based Finance Service for their businesses.
  4. Only minimal documentation is required.
  5. Sunrays Finance provides the lowest interest rate, starting at 1.25% per month, making it a highly desirable option in the market.
  6. Documents and other important details of the client are kept confidential.

A 30-minute eligibility check with the quick disbursal of the loan amount within 48hrs of initiation.

Flexible repayment options with weekly, biweekly, and monthly alternatives are available for the convenience of the customers.

Sunrays finance provides the most desirable solutions for your business’s financial needs. Choose Sunrays Finance today to warrant the success of your business.



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